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Application name
qs2 lod.enslaved
Consumer version
OAuth protocol version
OAuth 1.0a
Seila Gonzalez
qs2 livesite
Applicable project
All projects on this site
OAuth "callback URL"
Allow consumer to specify a callback in requests and use "callback" URL above as a required prefix.
Applicable grants
  • Perform high volume activity
High-volume editing
  • Interact with pages
Edit existing pages; Edit protected pages; Create, edit, and move pages; Patrol changes to pages
  • Customization and preferences
Edit your user CSS/JSON/JavaScript; Edit your user preferences and JSON configuration
  • Perform administrative actions
Edit the MediaWiki namespace and sitewide/user JSON; Edit sitewide and user CSS/JS; Rollback changes to pages; Block and unblock users; View deleted files and pages; View restricted log entries; Delete pages, revisions, and log entries; Hide users and suppress revisions; Protect and unprotect pages; Create accounts
  • Interact with media
Upload new files; Upload, replace, and move files
  • Interact with your watchlist
View your watchlist
  • Miscellaneous activity
Edit your watchlist
  • Send email
Send email to other users
  • Access private data about you
Access private information

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